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Tapered Roller Bearings

Tapered roller bearings are designed to take combined heavy radial loads and heavy thrust loads in one direction, while operating at moderate speeds.

• Cup & Cones – Tapered roller bearings consist of four basic components: the cone (inner ring), the cup (outer ring), tapered rollers, and a cage (roller retainer). The inner and outer ring raceways and the rollers are tapered so that the conical surfaces of the raceways and the roller axis if projected, would all meet at a common point on the main axis of the bearing. Individual cup and cone components of our tapered roller bearings are available as well as the complete assembly. However, it is recommended that both components always be replaced together to extend bearing life.

• Thrust – Tapered thrust bearings contain tapered rollers with individual raceways and can contain a cage or full complement design. Thrust bearings are generally heavy duty bearings that are used in swivels, extruders and piercing mills.

• Sheave Bearings – Sheave bearings can come with a one-piece (double) outer ring or cup and two single inner rings or cones. The inner-ring front faces are extended to eliminate the need for a separate inner-ring spacer. Supplied with a built-in clearance to give a standard setting range, these bearings provide a solution for many fixed or floating bearing applications where optimum simplicity of assembly is required. Some variations have chamfers and slots on the front face of the inner ring to provide lubrication through the shaft. Others have extended back face ribs on the inner rings which are ground on the O.D. to allow for the use of a seal or stamped closure. These designs are typically used on stationary shaft applications.

• Inch Series

• Metric